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Question No.21

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the network without logging in. The business owners are concerned that a nearby company is connecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the small business requires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings should be changed to address these concerns?

  1. Default SSID

  2. MAC filtering

  3. Power levels

  4. Content filtering

  5. Firewall

Correct Answer: C

Question No.22

A user#39;s computer is displaying a blackscreen. The technician restarts the computer, but the OS still does not load. The technician discovers the OS was patched the previous evening. Which of the following should the technician attempt NEXT?

  1. Reboot into safe mode and roll back the updates

  2. Repair the Windows Registry

  3. Configure boot options in the BIOS

  4. Disable Windows services and applications

Correct Answer: A

Question No.23

Joe, an end user, has been prompted to provide his username and password to access the payroll system. Which of the followingauthentication methods is being requested?

  1. Single-factor

  2. Multifactor



Correct Answer: A

Question No.24

A user#39;s Windows laptop has become consistently slower over time. The technician checks the CPU utilization and sees that it varies between 95% and 100%. After the technician closes some runningapplications, the CPU utilization drops to approximately 20%, and the laptop runs much faster. The next day the same user calls again with the same problem. Which of the following is a tool the technician can use to resolve the issue?

  1. Task Manager

  2. MSTSC

  3. MSConfig

  4. PerfMon

Correct Answer: A

Question No.25

Which of the following is the amount of memory a user is limited to with a 32-bit version of Windows?

  1. 2GB

  2. 4GB

  3. 8GB

  4. 16GB

Correct Answer: B

Question No.26

A SOHO customer has recently experienced a major hurricane. The customer has no backups and has lost all data and hardware associated with the company. The customer calls a contractor to assist in the rebuilding process and needs suggestions on the best way to prevent this from

happening again. Which of the following recommendations should the contractor give to the customer? (Select two.)

  1. Backup testing

  2. Cloud storage

  3. Local storage backups

  4. Data recovery

  5. Hot site

  6. Waterproof devices

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.27

A Windows user is attempting to install a local printer and is unsuccessful on permissions. Which of the following user types BEST describes this user?

  1. Guest

  2. Power User

  3. Administrator

  4. Standard User

Correct Answer: A

Question No.28

An administrator is setting up a Windows terminal server. Which of the following settings should the administrator modify to increase server security? (Select two.)

  1. Change the default access port

  2. Enforce password complexity

  3. Put the terminal server into the router#39;s DMZ

  4. Disable logon time restrictions

  5. Block allunused ports on the LAN smart switch

  6. Use the local client certificate for server authentication

Correct Answer: CE

Question No.29

A technician is running updates on a Windows PC. Some of the updates install properly, while others appear as failed. While troubleshooting, the technician restarts the PC and attempts to install the failed updates again. The updates continue to fail. Which of the following is the FIRST option to check?

  1. Visit the Microsoft Update website to see if there is an issue with a specific update

  2. Look up the error number associated with the failed update

  3. Look at the system Event Viewer to find more information on the failure

  4. Download the failed update to install manually

Correct Answer: B

Question No.30

A technician is setting up a kiosk. The technician needs to ensure the kiosk is secure and users will have access to only the application needed for customer interaction. The technician must also

ensure that whenever the computer is rebooted or powered on it logs on automatically without a password. Which of the following account types would the technician MOST likely set up on this kiosk machine?

  1. Guest

  2. Administrator

  3. Power User

  4. Remote Desktop User

Correct Answer: A

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