Free Download New Updated Microsoft 70-433 Real Exam Questions and Answers 121-130

EnsurepassQUESTION 121 You have run a server side trace that created 45 trace files. You want to load the trace files on your workstation in a database table called PerfData for further analysis. You need to load three files starting at c:my_trace_38.trc. Which Transact-SQL statement should you use?   A. SELECT * INTO PerfData FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(‘c:my_trace.trc’, 3) B. SELECT * INTO PerfData FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(‘c:my_trace_38.trc’, 3) C. SELECT * INTO PerfData FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(‘c:my_trace38.trc’, Read more […]

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