Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam 71-80


Question 71

Amanda is the Network Manager for a hospital in West Palm Beach. Due to the firewall regulations of her company she needs to change the TCP port number that MetaFrame XP Presentation Server uses from 1030 back to the default TCP port.

Which command must Amanda use to accomplish her desired result?




C. CHANGE PORT/ :1030 /1494

D. ICAPORT /CHANGE :1030/1494


Answer: A

Page 347 Citrix? MetaFrame XP FR3 Admins’ Guide



Question 72

Which command is used to add servers to be configured servers list for a published application?


A. app

B. apputil

C. chfarm

D. twconfig


Answer: B

Page 311 Citrix? MetaFrame XP FR3 Admins’ Guide



Question 73

Steve created a 10 server MetaCharge XP Presentation Server Enterprise Edition Farm using cloned imaged that he created from a manually built server. The next day he noticed that all servers showed CPU spikes on the previous day in the real-time resource manager graph.

What is the reason for this?


A. He did not generate a new SID on the cloned servers which causes CPU spikes.

B. The RMlocaldatabase recorded metric data during the renaming and re-SID generation from the previous day.

C. The original server had remapped drives and this caused the CPU spikes to occur. This is why it is not recommended to clone a server with remapped drives.

D. He did not delete and recreate the RMlocaldatabase on the first server prior to cloning an image.

The metric data from the pilot server was copied to the cloned servers.


Answer: D



Question 74

Which statement about cloning MetaFrame XP Presentation Server is inaccurate?


A. When deploying images to servers on multiple subnets, zone information for each server must be assigned after the image process is done.

B. When cloning a server, server licenses must be installed for each server in the management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server before the server can join the farm.

C. When cloning a server, zone settings are not retained.

When the IMA Service on the cloned server starts for the first time, the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server joins the default zone.

D. When cloning a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Enterprise edition with resource manager installed, the RMLocal database must be recreated on the original system before creating the image file.

This ensures that the RMLoad database is clean.


Answer: B



Question 75

Which file must be recreated if cloning a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Enterprise Edition with resource manager installed?







Answer: C



Question 76

The server hardware and software configuration that is used for the pilot will be identical to the configuration in which additional phase?


A. Production

B. Proof of Concept

C. Scalability Testing

D. Application Development


Answer: A



Question 77

Because of data store read/writes, its is recommended that no more than servers be cloned simultaneously in the same server farm.


A. 5

B. 10

C. 25

D. 50


Answer: B



Question 78

John manually installed a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server and then cloned an image and deployed it to five identical machines. When he booted the servers and brought them inline, he noticed that there were two zones instead of the one he intended.

What is the most likely cause?


A. He did not stop the IMA service and set to manual prior to creating the image.

B. When he generated a new SID on the imaged server, this action created a new zone.

C. He built the first server on a subnet and then pushed out the image to the servers on a subnet.

D. He renamed the default zone on the first server before creating the image. When the other servers came up, they reverted to the default based on the subnet.


Answer: D



Question 79

What are three benefits of piloting a test server? (Choose three)


A. Logon scripts produce the desired results.

B. Application are compatible with the network environment.

C. All users can connect to the MetaFrame XP Presentation server farm.

D. The MetaFrame XP Presentation Server and published application interact correctly with network file and print services.


Answer: A,B,D



Question 80

Improving application performance is an example of which of the following?


A. Server Piloting

B. Server Building

C. Server Deploying

D. Server Optimization


Answer: D