Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE 51-60


Question 51

.What are requirements for deploying the ICA client through Active Directory? (Choose two.)


A. Windows NT 4.00 backup domain controller.

B. WIN32 bit client with Windows Installer Service.

C. Program Neighborhood Client version 6.00.779 or greater

D. Program Neighborhood Client version 7.00.13547 or greater


Answer: B,D

Reference:  P.125/126 in Advanced Concepts Guide Citrix Metaframe XP for Windows with Feature Release 3



Question 52

.Under which two nodes in the management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server can drivers be replicated? (Choose two.)


A. Servers

B. Applications

C. Printer Management

D. Citrix Administrators


Answer: A,C



Question 53

.Which three actions are recommended after creating a package? (Choose three.)


A. Apply the transform file.

B. Review the packaging script.

C. Restore the packager partition.

D. Test the application to ensure proper execution.


Answer: B,C,D

Not A:       You cannot edit MSI packages or transform files using Packager. Use a packaging product that can edit these file types.

Reference:  P.14 in Installation Manager



Question 54

.Which kind of scalability does the Citrix Server Test Kit most commonly test?


A. Data store scalability

B. Server farm scalability

C. Data collector scalability.

D. Application server scalability


Answer: B



Question 55

.Which statement about shadowing is correct? (Choose two.)


A. Multiple administrators can shadow the same user.

B. Only one administrator can shadow a user.

C. Only the initiator using the hockey, can end a shadowing session.

D. Shadowing can be nested, allowing the administrator to shadow another user if the administrator is being shadowed.


Answer: A,C



Question 56

.What are two components used by Citrix installation Manager when packaging and pushing packages? (Choose two.)


A. The Citrix packager

B. ADF Installer Service

C. The Installation Packager

D. The Window Installer service


Answer: A,B



Question 57

.What is the best measure of server performance during a scalability test?


A. User Experience

B. Memory Utilization

C. Percent Disk Time

D. Processor Utilization


Answer: A



Question 58

.Tess King is the network administrator for Toronto office. Currently, there are three MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers implemented in this environment. Certpaper recently

purchased 10 new servers that have MetaFrame XP Presentation Server installed. 25 published application must be supported. Before Tess begins the configuring of her new server farm she needs to verify the current farm name. When Tess uses QUERYHR -N at the command prompt, she receives a messages that indicates that the command she entered is invalid. What must Tess to do to verify the server farm information she needs?


A. Reboot her server and the command will work.

B. Run QUERYHR -SERVERFARM from the command line.

C. This command will not work unless Tess Activates his server license.

D. Copy QUERYHR from the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server install Media.


Answer: D

Reference:  P.283 in Advanced Concepts Guide Citrix Metaframe XP for Windows with Feature Release 3



Question 59

.Both a username and password are required for an ICA client to access a MetaFrame server.


A. True

B. False


Answer: B



Question 60

.When creating an answer file for an unattended install with a SQL datastore, the credentials for the SQL server will show up in clear text. This can be a security risk.

What is the suggested workaround for this potential risk?


A. Create a SA account specifically for the SQL datastore.

B. Leave the username and password blank and wait for the prompt to enter the credentials during the unattended install.

C. Only use unattended installs for Access datastores. Use DSMAINT MIGRATE after deployment to move to an SQL datastore.

D. Populate the username and password fields in the answer file just prior to the unattended install and then delete then afterwards.


Answer: D