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An administrator is not able to create virtual machines using Machine Creation Services. What cause this issue?


A.      Storage is configured as LVM.

B.      There is NOT enough storage for the virtual machines.

C.      The Controller CANNOT communicate with the license server.

D.      The master image does NOT have the latest version of the Virtual Desktop Agent.


Correct Answer: B



A XenDesktop site has two Controllers: Controller A and Controller B. The site is using Active Directory-based discovery. What would happen to the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) if Controller A is removed from the site?


A.      No connections can be made until Controller A comes back online.

B.      The VDA will re-query Active Directory and register with Controller B.

C.      All VDAs registered to Controller A must be restarted to discover Controller B

D.      Any users logged on to the VDA that is registered with Controller A will be disconnected.


Correct Answer: B




Which two steps must an administrator take to integrate a Web Interface site with Access Gateway? (Choose two)


A.      Specify Web Interface as the point of authentication

B.      Specify Access Gateway as the point of authentication

C.      Configure a web resource for the site in Access Gateway

D.      Assign the Web Interface site to an Access Gateway virtual server


Correct Answer: BC




Which three items are needed for an administrator to create a streamed machine catalog for a XenDesktop environment? (Choose three)


A.      Virtual Machines with a vDisk image.

B.      A desktop group with users assigned to the virtual machines.

C.      Device collections configured to load the vDisk over the network.

D.      Active Directory computer accounts managed by Provisioning services for each target device in the device collections.

E.       A Provisioning services deployment with a vDisk imaged from the master virtual machine and assigned to the target device.


Correct Answer: CDE






An administrator created a catalog that contains 360 desktops, and then created a shared desktop group that contains 175 desktops from that catalog. To ensure that end users always have enough desktops during peak hours, the administrator set up a buffer using the default settings. How many desktops will be reserved in the buffer?


A.      17

B.      36

C.      60

D.      75


Correct Answer: A




Which HDX MediaStream policy setting must an administrator use to configure a Flash URL blacklist?


A.      Flash (client-side)

B.      Flash (server-side)

C.      Multimedia Acceleration

D.      Multimedia Acceleration buffer size


Correct Answer: A




And administrator needs to convert a master image to a vDisk using the Image Builder by default, what will be done to the destination path before the image is built?


A.      All files and folders in the destination path will be deleted

B.      A new folder will be created in the destination path for the new image

C.      The contents of the destination path will be moved to another location

D.      All files and folders in the destination path will be backed up in the local drive


Correct Answer: A




Which three requirements must an administrator consider when using Provisioning services to manage an Active Directory machine account of a device? (Choose three)


A.      The console user must be a member of the Domain Admins group

B.      Machine account password changes must be disabled for the target devices

C.      The stream service account must be a member of the Domain Admins group

D.      The farm security must use Active Directory groups instead of local groups for authentication

E.       The ‘Enable automatic password support’ option must be enabled on the Provisioning services host

F.       The ‘Active Directory machine account password management’ option must be enabled on the vDisks


Correct Answer: BEF




An administrator has asked a user in the finance group to test a new finance tool on a machine other that his main system. How can the administrator make sure the test occurs on an alternate machine?


A.      Add the user to the Testing desktop group

B.      Add an addition desktop to the Finance desktop group

C.      Increase the desktops for each user to two of the Finance desktop group

D.      Create an access policy in the Testing desktop group to allow the user to access a desktop


Correct Answer: A




Two policies are applied in an environment, Policy 1 percent a user from accessing his local hard drive while with a XenDesktop session; Policy 1 is filtered based on users. Policy 2 allows access to the local hard drive from within a XenDesktop session; Policy 2 is filtered based on client device, has a higher priority, and was created after policy 1. When a user affected by policy 1 connects from a client device that is affected by policy 2 and attempts to access his local hard drive, access will be ________ because ________ (choose the correct option to complete the sentence)


A.      denied; policy 1 will take precedence over policy 2

B.      allowed; policy 2 will take precedence over policy 1

C.      allowed; policy 1 grants access that will override policy 2

D.      denied; policy 2 was created after policy 1 so it will take precedence over policy 1


Correct Answer: B




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